What are the advantages of fluorocarbon fishing line?

As a boating enthusiast, you may have heard of fluorocarbon fishing lines. This type of fishing line is becoming increasingly popular amongst anglers, and for good reason. In this article, we’ll explore what fluorocarbon fishing lines are and the advantages they provide.

What is a fluorocarbon fishing line?

Fluorocarbon fishing lines are made from a fluorocarbon polymer, which is a type of plastic that contains fluorine. Unlike traditional monofilament fishing lines, fluorocarbon lines are denser and less visible in water due to their refractive index, which is similar to water.

Advantages of fluorocarbon fishing lines:

1. Low visibility

When fishing in clear water, the last thing you want is for your fishing line to spook the fish. With their low visibility, fluorocarbon fishing lines are significantly more stealthy in the water than other fishing lines. This is especially advantageous when fishing in shallow water where fish are easily alerted by fishing lines.

2. Abrasion-resistant

Fluorocarbon fishing lines are tougher than traditional monofilament lines, making them more resistant to abrasions from rocks, logs, and other underwater obstacles. This durability ensures that your line will hold up against tough fishing conditions, increasing its overall lifespan.

3. Sensitive action

Fluorocarbon lines are super-sensitive, allowing anglers to feel even the slightest bite on their hook. This sensitivity makes fluorocarbon lines ideal for catching more elusive species such as bass and crappie.

4. Fast sink rate

Flurocarbon lines are denser than traditional monofilament lines, so they sink faster. A faster sink rate means that you can reach deeper waters faster, increasing your chances of catching fish that are hiding in deeper waters.

5. Long lifespan

Fluorocarbon fishing lines have a longer lifespan than other traditional fishing lines. They do not absorb water, which causes them to avoid weakening over time or losing their properties when exposed to the sun, water and UV rays.

Fluorocarbon fishing lines are a reliable choice for fishermen who are looking for an edge in their game. With its low visibility, durability, sensitivity, sink rate, and long lifespan, fluorocarbon fishing lines are the perfect choice for anglers looking to up their fishing game. Give them a try next time you’re out on the water and see the difference for yourself!

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