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What are the advantages or disadvantages of fishing after a storm?

Fishing is a great hobby enjoyed by millions of people all over the world. Some anglers prefer fishing after a storm while others prefer to wait until the weather stabilizes. But what are the advantages and disadvantages of fishing after a storm?


One of the advantages of fishing after a storm is the possibility of catching more fish than usual. Heavy rain and winds can stir up the bottom of the water body and dislodge bugs and small fish, attracting larger game fish. The turbulent water can also break up the thermocline, which is the layer of water in a lake or reservoir where the temperature changes drastically. This encourages aquatic life to move around, making them easier to catch.

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Additionally, the murky, disturbed water after a storm can provide cover for the fish from predators, making them more active and aggressive, and therefore more likely to take the bait. The temperature of the water may also be slightly cooler, which is beneficial for cold-water species such as trout, salmon, and walleye.


On the other hand, fishing after a storm can also have its drawbacks. For one, the weather conditions may still be too dangerous for fishing, with strong winds and high waves making it difficult and risky to maneuver your boat on the water. The dirt, debris, and floating logs that may be brought up by the storm can also pose a risk to boaters.

Another disadvantage is that the water may be overly murky, making the fish harder to spot, and the algae may also be blooming in the disturbed water, leading to oxygen-deprived water that could kill fish and other aquatic life.

The advantages of fishing after a storm outweigh the disadvantages. You could catch more fish than usual, and the turbulent conditions can induce aquatic life to move around, making them easier to catch. However, be cautious of the risks of fishing in stormy weather conditions, and ensure that you check the weather forecast before heading out. With these considerations in mind, you could often end up with a good catch after a storm.

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