What does EFI stand for on Mercury outboard?

EFI stands for Electronic Fuel Injection. It is a modern technology used in the engines of Mercury outboard motors. This technology has revolutionized the boating industry with its efficient and powerful performance.

In the past, traditional carburetors were used in outboard motors to control the flow of fuel into the engine. However, the downside was that carburetors required constant adjustments and maintenance to ensure optimal performance. With the advent of EFI technology, Mercury outboard motors have become more reliable and fuel efficient.

EFI technology electronically controls the amount of fuel injected into the engine, which maximizes fuel economy and creates consistent and reliable horsepower. The system continuously monitors several parameters including air temperature, engine temperature, and engine rpm, to adjust fuel delivery accordingly. This enhances the overall performance of the engine, resulting in better acceleration, a smoother ride and improved throttle response.

The advantages of EFI don’t stop here. Another unique feature of EFI engines is that they are able to alter the air-fuel ratio depending on the sea level of the water in which the boat is operating. This helps to maintain optimal fuel efficiency and performance at all times.

In addition, EFI engines are much easier to start as compared to traditional carburetor engines. Due to the controlled air-fuel ratio, there is no need for a choke, which significantly reduces the time required to start the engine. This is especially important when starting the engine in cold weather, where traditional carburetor engines require several attempts to get started.

EFI technology in Mercury outboard motors is a game-changer for the boating industry. It offers better performance, improved fuel efficiency, and easier starting capabilities. When it comes to reliability and power, EFI engines are highly recommended for both novice and experienced boaters alike.

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