What does M/Y stand for in relation to a yacht?

If you are new to the world of yachts and boating, you may have come across the term “M/Y” in reference to a certain vessel. If you are wondering what it means, you are not alone.

M/Y is an acronym often used in the yachting industry to refer to a motor yacht. A motor yacht is a type of yacht – a large boat usually designed for recreational cruising or racing, that is powered by one or more motors instead of sails.

The “M” in M/Y stands for motor, which indicates that the yacht is powered by an engine, rather than being propelled by wind power. The “Y” is shorthand for yacht, which is a term that encompasses a variety of watercraft designed for pleasure boating, including motor yachts.

M/Y can also be used to distinguish a powered yacht from a sailing yacht, which would be referred to as an S/Y. This is a helpful distinction for boaters and yacht brokers, who use it to narrow down their search options and better understand the specific type of vessel in question.

In addition to M/Y and S/Y, there are several other commonly used acronyms in the yachting industry. These include G/T (gross tonnage), L.O.A. (length overall), and B.O.A. (beam over all).

Buying or chartering a yacht can be a complex and exciting process. The use of technical terminology like M/Y, S/Y, and other industry jargon can be overwhelming for newcomers. However, it is important to understand these terms to better navigate the yachting world and make informed choices along the way.

So, the next time you come across the term M/Y, remember that it stands for motor yacht – a type of yacht powered by one or more motors – and is a popular vessel for cruising, racing, and pleasure boating.

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