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What does ‘sail hard’ by something mean in sailing?

“Sail hard” is a phrase commonly used in the world of sailing. It is an instruction that is frequently given by a crew member or helmsman to their fellow sailors. But what does it mean exactly and why is it so important?

In sailing, “sail hard” refers to the act of pulling or tensioning the sails as tightly as possible in order to efficiently catch the wind and propel the boat forward. This is achieved through the use of various rigging and sail control systems, including lines, winches, and cleats.

Sailing hard requires a coordinated effort from the entire crew. Each crew member must work together to properly trim and adjust the sails to ensure they are capturing as much wind as possible. This not only helps the boat to move faster, but it also makes the whole sailing experience smoother and more enjoyable.

Additionally, sailing hard is essential for safety reasons. The tighter the sail, the more control the helmsman has over the boat, which is especially important in rough waters or high winds. It also reduces the risk of the boat capsizing or losing control due to unexpected gusts of wind.

Overall, sailing hard is an important part of maximizing both performance and safety while out on the water. It requires skill, teamwork, and a good understanding of how the wind affects the sails. So next time you hear someone shout “sail hard,” remember that it’s not just a phrase – it’s critical to the success and safety of your sailing adventure.

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