What happened to Evinrude outboard motors?

Evinrude outboard motors have been an American icon for over a century. The brand was founded back in 1909 by Ole Evinrude, who developed the first outboard motor that was known for being lightweight, reliable, and easy to use. But? Why did they suddenly disappear from the marine industry?

In May 2020, BRP (Bombardier Recreational Products), the parent company of Evinrude outboard motors, announced that they would be discontinuing the production of Evinrude engines after over a century of manufacturing them. The decision to cease production of Evinrude outboard motors was made due to the company’s desire to streamline its product offerings and focus on powersports categories with higher growth potential.

The decision came as a surprise to many marine enthusiasts, as Evinrude outboard motors had a strong reputation for quality and reliability. Many boaters and fishermen relied on Evinrude outboard motors for their performance and durability, and the brand had a loyal following of fans who were disappointed to see it go.

However, Evinrude outboard motor owners do not have to worry about the future of their motors. BRP has assured that they will continue to provide parts and service for Evinrude engines, and will also offer new equivalent engines under the E-TEC brand name. E-TEC engines are the new generation of direct injection outboard motors, which were introduced by Evinrude in 2003.

Since the announcement of the discontinuation of Evinrude engines, many marine enthusiasts have speculated about what the future holds for the boating industry. Some believe that the focus on electric and hybrid propulsion systems will grow in the coming years, as regulations on emissions and noise pollution become increasingly strict.

Overall, the end of Evinrude outboard motors is a significant change in the marine industry, but it is not the end of high-quality, reliable engines. Boaters will continue to have many options for outboard motors, and with the focus on new technologies, the future of boating is looking bright.

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