What happens when a boat is driven into a waterspout?

As much as boating can be enjoyable, it can also be dangerous if one is not cautious enough, particularly if there are environmental hazards that one is not aware of. One of the many hazards that a boat can encounter while sailing is a water spout. A water spout can be compared to a tornado that occurs over water bodies like lakes, seas, or oceans. If you sail into a waterspout, it can be quite dangerous, and this article aims to guide you on.

Firstly, it is important to know that waterspouts can occur at any time, regardless of the weather condition or the clarity of the sky. When a water spout forms, it looks like a rotating and twisting column of water that extends from the surface of the water up into the sky. They usually occur during severe weather conditions, such as hurricanes or strong thunderstorms that are prevalent in coastal regions. Therefore, it’s important to always monitor weather patterns before heading out on a boating trip.

If a boat is driven into a waterspout, the first thing to be affected would be the boat’s movement. The wind speed in the water spout is much higher than that outside it, which would cause a sudden and drastic change in the boat’s direction. Additionally, the wind pulls the boat upwards, causing it to sway severely, making it difficult to control.

Secondly, as a result of the high wind speed and the wave heights being elevated, it can cause the boat to capsize. When this happens, the passengers on board are at risk of being thrown into the water, which can be life-threatening. In some instances, the passengers may not be able to survive the impact of being thrown out of the boat.

Therefore, the best way to avoid the dreadful experience of being caught in a waterspout is to seek shelter and wait until the storm passes. This means keeping an eye on the weather forecast before embarking on any boating trips, as well as being vigilant during the boat ride itself. If you do get caught in a waterspout, ensure to take precautionary measures such as putting on life jackets, communicating with other nearby boats, and trying to steer the boat away from the spout.

A waterspout can be devastating to boats and their passengers. This natural occurrence can lead to a loss of control of the boat, capsize, and endanger the lives of those on board. Therefore, it is essential to take preventative measures to avoid the occurrence of these hazardous events by being up-to-date on the weather forecast and checking the surroundings while sailing. Safety on the water should always be a priority.

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