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What Is A Life Jacket Loaner Program?

A life jacket loaner program is a public service that provides life jackets to people who are participating in water activities. The program is designed to help ensure the safety of individuals who may not have access to a life jacket or may not be able to afford one.

Life jacket loaner programs are typically run by local governments, non-profit organizations, or other community groups. These programs provide life jackets free of charge to anyone who needs them. The jackets are usually available at designated locations near bodies of water, such as lakes, rivers, and beaches.

The purpose of a life jacket loaner program is to reduce the number of drowning deaths that occur each year due to lack of proper safety equipment. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), drowning is the fifth leading cause of unintentional injury death in the United States. In 2018 alone, there were 3,600 fatal drownings in the U.S., with an estimated 10 percent of those deaths involving individuals who were not wearing a life jacket.

Life jackets come in different sizes and styles for adults and children alike. It’s important for individuals to select a properly fitting life jacket that meets their needs and provides adequate buoyancy in case they find themselves in an emergency situation on the water.

In addition to providing access to life jackets, many loaner programs also offer educational materials about water safety and boating regulations. This helps ensure that people understand how to use their life jackets properly and follow all applicable laws when out on the water.

Overall, a life jacket loaner program is an important public service that helps keep people safe while enjoying recreational activities on or near bodies of water. By providing access to free life jackets and educational materials about water safety, these programs can help reduce the number of preventable drownings each year.

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