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What is a saltwater package on a pontoon boat?

If you’re considering owning a pontoon boat, you may have come across the term “saltwater package” when examining some of the available models. Boating on saltwater is a vastly different experience than freshwater, with a number of factors that need to be accounted for to ensure that your boat performs safely and effectively. In this article, we’ll be taking a closer look at what a saltwater package on a pontoon boat is and what it includes.

Put simply, a saltwater package on a pontoon boat is a series of features and upgrades that have been designed to make sure that your boat is durable enough to withstand the harsh conditions of the ocean. Saltwater corrodes metals more quickly than freshwater, causing rust and other forms of damage to develop faster than they would in freshwater. This ultimately leads to decreased performance and shorter lifespan if the boat isn’t protected.

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A saltwater package typically includes features such as:

1. Corrosion-resistant materials: For example, stainless steel fittings and hardware that don’t corrode as easily as aluminum or steel.

2. Coatings: Saltwater boats often come with coatings designed to protect against corrosion. This could be something like a composite deck or paint that has been designed to be saltwater-resistant.

3. Anodes: Anodes are designed to help protect your boat from electrochemical reactions that can cause corrosion. They’re made of a material that corrodes easier than other metals, which can help absorb some of the corrosion.

4. Higher horsepower: Boats that are used in saltwater typically require more horsepower to compensate for the increased resistance caused by saltwater versus freshwater. Upgrades to the engine, propeller, and gears may be necessary to achieve this.

5. Saltwater-specific electronics: Electrical systems, such as switches, wiring, and connections, may need to be upgraded or protected to ensure that they don’t corrode or malfunction when exposed to saltwater.

Keep in mind that the specific features included in a saltwater package can vary between different brands and models of pontoon boats. However, the general goal is to ensure that the boat is adequately equipped to handle the unique challenges that come with saltwater boating.

It’s worth noting that while a saltwater package can add to the initial cost of your pontoon boat, it’s a worthwhile investment for anyone who plans to do a lot of boating in saltwater. The cost of repairing or replacing corroded metal parts over time can be much more expensive than the initial investment in a saltwater package.

If you’re planning to boat on saltwater, a saltwater package on a pontoon boat can be an essential investment to help ensure that your boat lasts longer and performs at the highest level possible. When shopping for a pontoon boat, be sure to look for models that come standard with a saltwater package or have the option to upgrade to one.

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