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What is a Seakeeper on a boat?

Boating enthusiasts have heard of a device called a Seakeeper, but not everyone knows what it does exactly. If you’re a first-time boat owner, you’re probably wondering what a Seakeeper is and whether or not you should consider installing one. In this article, you’ll learn everything you need to know about Seakeepers, including their function and benefits.

What Is a Seakeeper?

A Seakeeper is a device used in yachts and boats to reduce boat roll. Boat roll happens when the waves or wind cause a boat to tilt side-to-side. The Seakeeper is designed to stabilize the boat, creating a smooth instead of rocky ride. The gyroscopic technology, which is at the heart of the Seakeeper, works by spinning a heavy flywheel inside a gimbal-mounted enclosure. The flywheel creates a powerful gyroscopic force that counters the boat’s motion, keeping it stable in even the roughest waters.

Benefits of a Seakeeper

The benefits of installing a Seakeeper on your vessel are numerous. Here are the top three:

1. More Comfortable Ride: Boat roll can cause passengers to feel seasick or even frightened. With a Seakeeper, the boat remains steady, reducing side-to-side motion by up to 95%. As a result, passengers can enjoy a more comfortable ride and stay dry.

2. Better Fishing: Fishermen will appreciate the Seakeeper as it stabilizes the boat, creating even better fishing conditions. A steady boat means more precise casting and easier bait presentation, enabling anglers to catch more fish.

3. Increased Safety: Boat roll can also lead to accidents and injuries. With a Seakeeper, the risk of an accident decreases significantly, making water sports safer for you and your guests.

What Types of Boats Need a Seakeeper?

Seakeepers are primarily used in boats and yachts over 26 feet that are used for offshore adventures, extended cruises, and sportfishing. Boats that are stable on the water in calm conditions may still experience quite uncomfortable conditions due to wind chop, wave action, and moderate seas. A Seakeeper will help your boat stay stable in such conditions, making for smoother experiences for you and your guests.

In Conclusion

A Seakeeper provides boat owners and charterers with a level of comfort and stability that can make all the difference in a boating experience. Installing one on your boat may increase its value and potential enjoyment. You’ll get to sail in comfort and style, whether you’re fishing or simply taking a relaxing day on the water. Contact your nearest Seakeeper authorized dealer to learn more about how a Seakeeper can make your dream boat a reality.

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