What is a small boat that transports passengers from the anchored cruise ship to shore?

A small boat that is typically used to transfer passengers from an anchored cruise ship to the shore is known as a tender. Tenders are generally much smaller than the cruise ship itself, and can carry anywhere from a few to several hundred passengers at a time.

The use of tenders is necessary when a cruise ship is unable to dock at a pier or jetty due to shallow water or other obstacles. In these situations, the ship will anchor offshore and use tenders to transport passengers to the shore.

Tenders come in a variety of sizes and types, ranging from small inflatable boats to larger, more stable vessels. Generally, tenders are equipped with life jackets and other safety equipment to ensure the safety of passengers during the transfer.

Passengers boarding a tender can expect to follow specific instructions provided by crew members. This may include information about where to board, where to sit, and other safety information.

Tenders provide an important service for cruise ships, allowing passengers to disembark and explore the surrounding area even when the ship is unable to dock at a port. While the transfer process may take a bit of time and patience, it is an important part of the overall cruising experience.

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