What is a VRO on an outboard motor?

A VRO, or Variable Ratio Oil Injection system, is a component found on many outboard motors. This system simplifies the process of mixing oil and fuel, ensuring that the engine always receives the correct amount of lubrication.

In the past, boaters had to manually mix oil and fuel before adding it to their outboard motors. This process was not only time-consuming but also prone to error. If the mixture was too rich, the engine would emit more smoke and foul up spark plugs. On the other hand, if the mixture was too lean, the engine would run hot and risk damage. This was especially problematic for inexperienced boaters who might not know the correct ratios.

The VRO system eliminates these issues by automatically mixing the oil and fuel as they are injected into the engine. This ensures that the engine always receives the correct lubrication, reducing maintenance costs and prolonging its lifespan. The VRO system also means that boaters no longer have to worry about mixing fuel and oil, saving them time and effort.

The VRO system works by monitoring the engine’s RPM and then adjusting the oil-to-fuel ratio accordingly. At idle speeds, the ratio is higher than at higher speeds, as the engine requires more lubrication. The system uses a computer-controlled valve that meters the oil into the fuel before it is injected into the engine. This valve can also shut off if the oil level in the oil tank drops too low, ensuring that the engine does not run without lubrication.

Overall, the VRO system is an excellent addition to any outboard motor. It simplifies the process of fueling up and ensures that the engine always receives the correct amount of lubrication. Boaters no longer have to worry about mixing oil and fuel or adjusting the mixture for different speeds. The VRO system helps to reduce maintenance costs, prolong the engine’s lifespan and make boating even more enjoyable.

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