What is invisible fishing line called?

Anglers have a plethora of fishing lines available for fishing, each with different characteristics, strengths, and weaknesses. Among the various types of fishing lines that exist, many anglers ask, “What is an invisible fishing line called?”

An invisible fishing line is called a fluorocarbon line. Fluorocarbon is a chemical compound made of carbon and fluorine, and it is virtually invisible underwater, hence the name invisible fishing line. When compared to monofilament lines or braided lines, fluorocarbon lines have the least noticeable visibility underwater. Therefore, fluorocarbon fishing lines are popular among anglers who target fish species that are easily spooked.

Fluorocarbon fishing lines’ invisibility makes it difficult for fish to detect a fishing line, making the chances of catching more fish higher. Moreover, fluorocarbon lines also have a higher sinking rate and density, making them ideal for fishing in deep waters.

Apart from their invisibility, fluorocarbon lines also come in handy when fishing for line-shy fish species like bass, trout, and other freshwater game fish. This is because the fluorocarbon line’s lack of visibility reduces the fish’s resistance to bite.

However, anglers should note that fluorocarbon lines’ invisibility comes with a drawback – they tend to be more expensive than other fishing lines. Additionally, they also tend to be stiffer and less manageable on the reel, making them tricky to use.

Fluorocarbon is the answer to the question of what an invisible fishing line is called. The benefits of fluorocarbon fishing line go beyond its invisibility, making it an ideal fishing line for anglers looking to up their catch rates. Though they may be more expensive, anglers can rest assured that their investment in fluorocarbon lines will pay off in the amount of fish they catch.

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