What is the cost of an outboard service?

As the owner of an outboard motor, it’s important to keep it properly maintained and serviced. This will ensure that it runs efficiently and lasts for many years. One question that many boaters have is how much an outboard service will cost.

The cost of an outboard service can vary depending on several factors, including the type of service needed, the age and condition of the motor, and the location where the service is being performed.

Basic outboard services, such as oil changes and lubrication, usually cost between $100 to $200. This includes changing the engine oil, replacing the oil filter, greasing the propeller shaft and other moving parts, and checking the water pump impeller.

More comprehensive services, such as a full tune-up, may cost between $300 to $500. A tune-up usually includes replacing the spark plugs, cleaning and adjusting the carburetor, checking and setting the ignition timing, inspecting the fuel system, and performing a compression test.

If the outboard motor requires repairs or parts replacement, the cost can add up quickly. For example, if the lower unit needs to be rebuilt, it could cost up to $1,500 or more.

It’s important to keep in mind that regular maintenance and servicing can prevent more costly repairs in the future. By keeping your outboard motor in good condition, you can avoid unexpected breakdowns and costly replacements.

To save money on outboard servicing, consider doing some of the work yourself. Simple tasks like changing the oil and filters can be done by most boat owners with basic mechanical skills. Be sure to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for maintenance and servicing.

The cost of an outboard service will depend on several factors. Basic services typically cost between $100 to $200, while more comprehensive services and repairs can cost up to $1,500 or more. By keeping up with regular maintenance and servicing, boat owners can save money in the long run and avoid unexpected breakdowns.

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