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What is the covering on a pontoon boat called?

Pontoon boats are a popular watercraft used for various activities, such as fishing, skiing, and leisurely cruising. One of the many features that set pontoon boats apart from other vessels is their unique construction. These boats are made up of two or more pontoons – cylindrical tubes made of aluminum or steel – that provide buoyancy and stability. The pontoons are connected by a platform, which contributes to the boat’s spaciousness and versatility.

If you’re familiar with pontoon boats, you may have noticed that the top of the pontoons and the platform are covered with a material that provides protection and enhances the boat’s appearance. This covering is known as the pontoon boat’s deck or flooring. It is usually made of one of three materials, depending on the boat’s design, purpose, and owner’s preference.

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The first and most common pontoon boat decking material is marine-grade plywood. This type of plywood is specially treated to withstand exposure to water and moisture, making it a durable and affordable option for boat flooring. Marine plywood is also easy to install and can be coated with a protective layer of sealant or varnish to extend its lifespan.

Another popular pontoon boat deck material is composite decking. This material is made of a combination of wood fibers and plastic, resulting in a lightweight, low-maintenance, and eco-friendly option. Composite decking is resistant to fading, staining, and rotting, but it may require occasional cleaning and polishing to keep its appearance.

The third pontoon boat decking material is aluminum. Some pontoon boats have solid aluminum decks that provide a sleek and modern look, as well as durability and resistance to corrosion. Aluminum decking is also easy to clean and maintain, and it can be customized with various designs and patterns.

In addition to the decking material, pontoon boats may also have a non-slip coating on the surface to prevent slipping and enhance safety. This coating can be applied to any of the decking materials mentioned above and varies in texture and color.

The covering on a pontoon boat’s pontoons and platform is called the deck or flooring. It can be made of marine-grade plywood, composite decking, or aluminum, each offering different advantages and features. When choosing a pontoon boat, it’s essential to consider the type of decking material that suits your needs, budget, and style preferences. Regardless of the material, a well-maintained deck can prolong the life of your pontoon boat and provide a smooth and enjoyable boating experience.

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