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What is the difference between mooching and trolling in fishing?

When it comes to fishing techniques, there are several methods that anglers use to catch a variety of fish species. Two of the most popular techniques used are mooching and trolling, but what is the difference between them?

Mooching is a technique that is primarily used for catching salmon. It is a style of fishing that involves using a long, flexible rod and a spinning reel. A mooching rig consists of a weight at the bottom, a leader with a hook, and a set of bait. Anglers will let their bait drift down to the desired depth of the fish they are targeting and then reel it back up, repeating the process until they get a bite.

One important aspect of mooching is that it requires the angler to be actively engaged in fishing. Since there is no trolling motor or other mechanized device, the angler must constantly move their bait to keep it at the right depth.

Trolling, on the other hand, is a technique where the angler drags their bait or lure behind a moving boat. Trolling is a popular method used for targeting a variety of fish species, including salmon, trout, and walleye. The angler will set their line at a specific depth and then use a trolling motor to move the boat at a consistent speed. The bait or lure is designed to move through the water at the same speed as the boat, creating a realistic presentation that is attractive to fish.

One of the main differences between mooching and trolling is that mooching requires the angler to do more work. They must actively move their bait to keep it at the desired depth, which can be physically demanding. Conversely, trolling allows the angler to sit back and relax, letting the boat do the work.

Another key difference between mooching and trolling is the type of gear and equipment used. As previously mentioned, mooching requires a long, flexible rod and a spinning reel, while trolling does not. Trolling often involves the use of downriggers or planers, which are mechanisms that allow the angler to control the depth of their bait or lure while it is being trolled.

While both mooching and trolling are effective fishing techniques, their differences lie in the level of angler participation and the equipment used. Mooching is a physically demanding technique that requires constant engagement from the angler, while trolling allows the angler to sit back and let the boat do the work. Regardless of the technique used, passionate anglers will likely agree that the joys of fishing are found in the pursuit of the catch, no matter the method.

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