What is the method for catching hellgrammites to use as fishing bait?

For many anglers, the thrill of the catch is only half the fun of fishing. The other half is the preparation that goes into a successful trip, including finding the best bait to lure in fish. One popular bait for freshwater fishing is the hellgrammite, the larvae of the dobsonfly. Here’s a breakdown of the best method for catching these wriggly critters to use as bait on your next fishing trip.

1. Timing is key. Hellgrammites are most active in the summer months, usually from June to August, so plan your catch accordingly.

2. Find a creek or stream with rocky bottoms. Hellgrammites like to live under rocks in the flowing water. Look for areas with clear and cool water, which they prefer.

3. Bring a small net. Hellgrammites are fairly easy to catch – all you need is a small net, like the type used for catching baitfish. You can also use your hands to grab them, but be careful as they have pincers and can bite.

4. Look under rocks. Carefully flip over rocks in the water to expose the hellgrammites underneath. Use your net or your hand to catch them.

5. Collect in a container. Once you catch a hellgrammite, place it in a container with some water from the creek or stream. Make sure the container has a lid with holes for air to prevent the hellgrammites from suffocating.

6. Store in a cool place. Hellgrammites can survive for up to a week if kept in a cool place, like a refrigerator or a cooler with ice. Make sure to change the water in their container every couple of days.

Hellgrammites are a popular bait for catching many different types of freshwater fish, like smallmouth bass and trout. They have a tough exoskeleton, which makes them durable on the hook and attractive to fish. Knowing how to catch them can give you an advantage the next time you head out on the water. Happy fishing!

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