What is the method for tying a fishing hook with braided line?

Fishing with braided line is getting popular among anglers due to its high sensitivity, strength, and low stretch. However, tying a fishing hook with braided line may seem a bit tricky for beginners. In this article, we will discuss the method for tying a fishing hook with braided line.

The first step is to choose the right hook for your bait fish. A small hook size of 6 or 8 can be used for live bait, whereas larger hooks like size 2 or 4 can be used for bigger fish like catfish or bass. Once you have the hook size and bait ready, you can start tying the knot.

The most common knot used for tying a hook with braided line is the Palomar knot. It is considered one of the strongest knots, and it is easy to tie. Here is the step-by-step guide for the Palomar knot:

Step 1: Double the braided line and pass it through the eye of the hook.

Step 2: Tie a loose overhand knot at the end of the doubled line. Leave enough line to work with.

Step 3: Hold the loop between your thumb and forefinger and pass the hook through the loop.

Step 4: Slowly pull the doubled line until the knot reaches the eye of the hook.

Step 5: Wet the knot and pull it tightly by holding the hook and the standing line simultaneously.

Step 6: Trim any excess line, leaving about 1/4 inch of tag at the end.

The Palomar knot works well with braided lines because it creates a strong connection between the hook and the line. The doubled line also adds extra strength to the knot, making it more secure.

Tying a fishing hook with braided line is easy and straightforward once you know the right knot. The Palomar knot is one of the best knots for this purpose and is considered an essential fishing skill for any angler. So, make sure you practice tying the Palomar knot until you feel comfortable doing it. Happy fishing!

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