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What is the origin of the name ‘jon boat’?

If you are a regular boater, you might have heard of the term ‘jon boat’ and wondered about its origin. Well, you are not alone. This type of boat has been around for centuries but very little is known about the origin of the name ‘jon boat’.

Some believe that the name came from the French word ‘jambon’, which means ham. The boat was named after its resemblance to a ham, in that it was long and narrow. This theory, however, lacks evidence, and it is difficult to see how a boat could be compared to a piece of meat!

There are other theories that suggest that the name ‘jon boat’ is a shortened version of ‘Johnboat’. This name, in turn, was named after the person who invented it, John Lowe. According to this theory, John Lowe designed a boat that was specifically meant for fishing in shallow waterways. It was made from durable materials, such as pine or cypress, and was simple and affordable to construct. These boats were popular back then, and Lowe’s name became synonymous with them.

Another theory suggests that the name ‘jon boat’ is a shortened version of the ‘Japanese longboat’. This theory claims that the boat originated in Japan and was brought to the United States by Japanese immigrants. The Japanese longboat was traditionally used for fishing and transporting goods along the rivers and canals in Japan. When the Japanese immigrants arrived in the United States, they continued to use their boats for the same purpose. However, due to the difficulty of pronouncing the name in English, it was shortened to ‘jon boat’.

Regardless of the origin of the name ‘jon boat’, these boats have become very popular in the United States. They are perfect for fishing or hunting, as they are lightweight, shallow-draft, and have a stable platform. They are also affordable and easy to maintain, making them ideal for both weekend and professional boaters.

The exact origin of the name ‘jon boat’ may never be known for sure. However, it is clear that these versatile boats have been a favorite of boaters for generations. Whether you call it a ‘jon boat’, a ‘johnboat’, or a ‘Japanese longboat’, there is no denying that it is a functional and practical vessel that has stood the test of time.

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