What is the proper way to put line on a fishing pole?

As an avid fisherman, it is imperative to know the proper way to put line on a fishing pole. Not only does it ensure that your fishing experience is successful, but it also keeps your fishing equipment in great condition. In this article, we’ll go over step-by-step instructions on how to put line on a fishing pole properly.

Step One: Choosing the Right Line

The first step to putting line on your fishing pole is to choose the right line for your specific rod and reel. Start by checking the recommended line type and weight for the reel you are using. It is always important to use the correct line for your reel so that it can properly handle the weight of the fish you are trying to catch.

Step Two: Attaching the Line to the Reel

Once you have selected the right line, the next step is to tie it to the reel. Start by opening the bail on the reel, which is the small metal mechanism that holds the line in place. Then, tie the line to the spool of the reel using a simple knot. Once you have tied the line to the spool, close the bail and start reeling the line onto the reel.

Step Three: Wrapping the Line on the Pole

Now that the line is securely attached to the reel, you can start wrapping it around the pole. Make sure that the line is wrapping over the top of the rod and not under it. This will keep the line from getting tangled or caught on the guides of the pole.

Step Four: Filling the Spool

As you continue to wrap the line around the pole, make sure to keep the line taut. This ensures that the line is properly loaded on the reel and will not twist or tangle when casting. Be sure to fill the reel to its recommended capacity, which is usually marked on the side of the spool.

Step Five: Tying on Your Lure or Hook

Once you have finished putting line on your fishing pole, it is time to tie on your lure or hook. Start by threading the line through the eye of the hook or lure, and then tie it off using a fishing knot. Make sure the knot is tight so that it doesn’t slip or come undone while fishing.

Putting line on a fishing pole may seem like a simple task, but doing it properly is important for a successful fishing trip. Remember to choose the correct line for your reel, tie it securely to your reel, wrap it around your pole properly, fill your spool to capacity, and tie on your lure or hook with a strong knot. With these steps in mind, you’ll be ready to hit the water and make some great catches!

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