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What is the purpose of backing on a fishing reel?

Backing on a fishing reel serves a very important purpose – it helps to prevent your fishing line from running out completely when you reel in a monster catch! Essentially, backing is a kind of extra line that you attach to your reel between your main fishing line and the reel itself. But why is this necessary when you already have plenty of fishing line on your reel?

The answer is simple: when you hook a really big fish that is strong enough to take all of your fishing line with it, you need some extra line to prevent your reel from running out completely. If this happens, the fish will simply swim away with your line, and you’ll be left with nothing but an empty reel. But with backing in place, there is always some extra line that your reel can rely on, even if your main fishing line has been completely taken by the fish.

Backing is generally made from thin, strong fishing line that is attached to the reel using a knot or a backing splice. It can be made from mono-filament or braided line, depending on your preferences. Some anglers prefer braided line as backing, as it is stronger and thinner than mono-filament, meaning you can fit more backing onto your reel without taking up too much space.

The amount of backing you need will depend on the size of your fishing reel and the type of fish you’re targeting. A general rule of thumb is to use about 100 yards of backing for every 300 yards of fishing line. This amount should give you plenty of extra line to work with, while still leaving enough space on your spool for your main fishing line.

So, whether you’re fishing for marlin, tuna, or just about any other species of fish, make sure you have plenty of backing on your reel. It may seem like a small detail, but it can make all the difference when it comes to reeling in that trophy catch!

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