What is the purpose of small boats attached to ocean ships?

Small boats have been an essential component of ocean shipping for centuries. These boats, which are also known as lifeboats or tenders, are attached to larger ships for a multitude of reasons. While their primary purpose is to serve as a rescue and emergency tool, they also play several other critical roles on the high seas.

One of the primary functions of small boats attached to ocean ships is to act as a life-saving device. In the event of an emergency, such as the ship sinking or running aground, these boats can safely ferry passengers and crew to shore or to another vessel. Often, lifeboats are equipped with food, water, and signaling equipment to help stranded survivors stay alive until rescue arrives.

Another important role of small boats attached to ocean ships is to serve as a backup means of transportation. Large ocean-going vessels are not agile enough to navigate shallow waters, narrow channels, or seaports. Tenders or small boats that are attached to a ship can be used to shuttle goods, equipment, and passengers back and forth from shore when the mother ship is unable to enter a port.

In addition to the transportation function, small boats attached to ocean ships are also utilized for vessel maintenance and repairs. They are equipped with tools, spare parts, and equipment that are necessary to fix minor glitches and maintenance issues. Since the larger vessel cannot come into port every time it needs to be repaired, the tenders or lifeboats help in keeping the ship in good operational mode.

Furthermore, small boats attached to ocean ships are used for security purposes. They support the security team onboard the mother ship by patrolling the waters, and providing quick response to any security issues. Tenders can be used to go after small watercraft approaching a larger ship, to rescue people in trouble in the water, or to chase after pirates.

Small boats are a critical part of seafaring life, and the majority of marine operations would be impossible without them. They have a wide range of uses and are essential to ensuring the safety of those on-board the larger vessel. As such, small boats attached to ocean ships serve as an essential tool that is indispensable to the marine world.

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