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What is the small boat on a yacht called?

When it comes to yachting, there are a lot of terms that might seem confusing to those new to boating. One term that often crops up is the “small boat” on a yacht. So, what exactly is this small boat called?

The small boat on a yacht can go by a few different names, depending on the type of boat and where you are in the world. The most common names for this boat are tender, dinghy, or launch.

A yacht tender is typically a smaller boat that is used to transport people or goods between the yacht and shore. It may also be used for watersports such as water skiing, wakeboarding or snorkeling. The name “tender” comes from its original use as a “tender” to bring people or cargo from shore to ship.

A dinghy is also a small boat, but it is typically used for short trips or as a supplemental boat for leisure or fishing activities. Dinghies are often stored on the yacht or pulled behind it on a trailer or davit. They may also be used to transport people to and from shore or to explore nearby coves or beaches.

A launch is a type of small boat that is typically used as a passenger or cargo vessel. These boats are often powered by an outboard or inboard engine, and they can be used for short trips or for longer excursions. Launches are often used by yacht owners for day trips or to explore nearby islands or coastal areas.

Regardless of what you call it, the small boat on a yacht is an essential part of the boating experience. Whether you’re using it to transport people, goods, or simply for leisure activities, having a reliable and efficient tender, dinghy, or launch can make all the difference in your yachting adventures.

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