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What is the speed of the Type 2 U-boat?

The Type 2 U-boat, also known as the coastal U-boat, was a class of German submarines used during World War II. These submarines were smaller and faster than their larger counterparts, the Type VII and Type IX U-boats, and were designed for operating in shallow waters close to shore.

The maximum speed of the Type 2 U-boat was around 17 knots or 20 miles per hour when operating on the surface, and 7.6 knots or 8.7 miles per hour when submerged. This speed was achieved through a combination of diesel engines and electric motors, which enabled the submarine to travel long distances and maintain a high level of maneuverability.

In terms of range, the Type 2 U-boat had a total cruising range of about 6,500 nautical miles when operating on the surface and 55 nautical miles when submerged. This range was sufficient for operating in the coastal waters of Europe, where the majority of German naval operations were focused during the war.

The Type 2 U-boat was armed with various weapons, including torpedoes and anti-aircraft guns, and was capable of carrying up to 12 torpedoes at a time. Its relatively small size and high speed made it an ideal weapon for attacking Allied shipping, and many of these submarines proved to be a thorn in the side of the British navy during the early years of the war.

Overall, the Type 2 U-boat was a significant improvement over its predecessor, the Type I U-boat, and was an effective weapon in the German navy’s arsenal during World War II. While its speed was not as impressive as some of the larger U-boats, it was more than sufficient for operating in the coastal waters of Europe and posed a serious threat to Allied shipping.

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