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    What is the stern side of the boat called?

    When it comes to boating, there are many terms that every enthusiastic boater must know to operate a boat safely and smoothly. One of the essential concepts is understanding the different parts of a boat.

    Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned boater, you might have heard of the terms “bow,” “port” and “starboard” being used to define the different sections of a boat. But do you know what the back of the boat is called? It’s the stern side of the boat.

    The stern of a boat is the rear part of the vessel. It’s typically the largest portion of the boat, and it is also where the engine and propeller are placed. The term “stern” originally comes from the Old Norse word ‘stjorn’ meaning ‘steering or helm’.

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    Overall, the stern side plays a crucial role in maneuvering the boat – whether it’s changing direction, slowing down or speeding up. Therefore, understanding the stern side of a boat is essential for every boater.

    Moreover, there are various components that form the stern of a boat. They include:

    1. Transom – The transom is the flat or angled surface at the stern end of the boat that supports the engine and holds the outdrive or stern drive.

    2. Swim platform – Usually located on the stern of larger boats, a swim platform is a surface area that can be lowered for people to swim or board the vessel.

    3. Rudder – A rudder is a moveable vertical fin at the stern of the boat that helps in steering the vessel.

    4. Propeller – The propeller is a rotating blade mechanism that helps propel the boat forward.

    In addition to these parts, there are other aspects of the stern side that every boater must inspect before setting sail, such as adequately maintained engine and propeller, steering gear, electrical systems, and fuel supply.

    In summary, the stern side of a boat is just as important as the bow, port, and starboard sides. Knowing these essential parts and checks can help ensure safe, enjoyable boating. So, the next time you step aboard a boat, remember to pay attention to the stern side, where all the action takes place!

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