What is the Variable Ratio Oil system on a Johnson Outboard?

The Variable Ratio Oil (VRO) system in a Johnson Outboard is a mechanism that helps in proper oil distribution to the engine. This system is a part of the auto-lubrication system in the outboard motor that prevents engine failure caused by insufficient lubrication.

So, how does the VRO system work?

The VRO system on a Johnson Outboard engine automatically mixes the oil with the fuel in the correct ratio. Earlier, outboard engines required the boat owners to manually mix the gasoline and oil in the required ratio. But with the VRO system, the engine takes care of it automatically. The system has a control module, which senses the engine’s parameters such as RPM, throttle position, engine load, and oil pressure. Based on these parameters, the system adjusts the oil flow to the engine. This ensures that the engine gets the required amount of oil for proper lubrication.

One of the most significant advantages of the VRO system is that it helps in reducing exhaust emissions. Since the system provides the right amount of oil to the engine, it reduces the chances of unburned oil mixing with the fuel, which leads to lesser emissions. The VRO system also helps in optimizing the performance of the engine. As the engine gets the proper lubrication, it runs more smoothly and successfully, increasing its longevity.

While the VRO system in a Johnson Outboard engine is a great invention, it is crucial to follow the proper maintenance routine to ensure its longevity. It is recommended to have the system checked and serviced every 100 hours of engine operation. This will help in detecting any faults in the VRO system, such as clogged fuel lines, malfunctioning sensors or improper lubrication. Regular maintenance ensures that the VRO system provides optimum performance for a prolonged period.

The Variable Ratio Oil system in a Johnson Outboard is essential for maintaining the engine’s health and prolonging its lifespan. It ensures that the engine gets the correct amount of oil for lubrication, which in turn improves its performance and reduces emissions. Regular maintenance of the system is crucial, ensuring a smooth and successful boating experience.

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