What is wireline fishing?

Wireline fishing is a fishing method that has become increasingly popular among anglers in recent years. This technique involves using a specialized piece of equipment called a wireline. A wireline is a thin, braided metal cable that is used to lower bait or lures to an exact depth and retrieve them.

Traditionally, anglers would cast out heavy lures and retrieve them quickly or slowly to imitate the movement of prey. Wireline fishing, on the other hand, allows for precise control over the depth and speed of the bait or lure.

Wireline fishing is particularly useful for deep-sea fishing as it allows anglers to reach greater depths than traditional fishing techniques. It is also an effective method for trolling, where the boat moves slowly through the water, and bait or lures are trailed behind the boat.

To set up a wireline fishing rig, the anglers will first spool the wireline onto a specialized reel known as a wireline reel. The reel is usually mounted to a downrigger or a planer board. A downrigger is a device that uses a weight to take the bait or lure deep into the water, while a planer board is a device that allows the bait or lure to move away from the boat.

Once the wireline is spooled and the bait or lure is attached, the anglers will lower the bait or lure to the desired depth using the downrigger or planer board. The wireline reel allows them to control the speed of retrieve, giving them greater control over the movement of the bait or lure.

One of the key advantages of wireline fishing is that it allows for a greater level of precision as anglers can target specific species of fish at specific depths. It is also a highly effective technique for catching large fish as it allows anglers to use heavier and more durable tackle.

Overall, wireline fishing is a specialized technique that requires specialized equipment and a degree of skill to master. However, it is a highly effective method for fishing in deep waters or targeting specific species of fish. Anglers should consider trying wireline fishing as part of their fishing repertoire to expand their fishing opportunities and increase their chances of a successful catch.

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