What must a boat anchored at night display?

When boating at night, it is crucial to have all necessary safety measures in place. It includes ensuring other boaters can spot your vessel from a distance. An anchored boat presents a significant hazard to other boaters who may not see it in the dark, which is why it is essential to display specific signals to alert others that your vessel is anchored and, therefore, at rest.

According to the Federal Boating Regulations, a boat that is anchored at night must display the appropriate lights. These lightings must be visible in all directions and must not interfere with other vessels’ navigation lights. Every anchor light must consist of a white light that has a minimum visibility of two nautical miles.

When displaying the anchor light, some important rules must be observed. The light should be installed at the highest point of the boat so that it’s visible to others from afar. It should have an unobstructed view in all directions, meaning it shouldn’t be blocked by anything like the boat’s rigging, mast or nets. Additionally, the light should be placed in such a way that it doesn’t create any shadow or otherwise interfere with the steady navigation lights of other boats.

Finally, the anchor light should keep burning throughout the night while the boat is anchored. If it fails to do so, or if there is any other problem with the anchor light, it must be dealt with immediately. If a boater discovers that their anchor light isn’t working, they should refrain from boating at night until it is fixed.

Every boater must comply with the safety regulations when boating at night. Anchored boats must display the appropriate lights which should be installed correctly and kept lit throughout the night. By observing these regulations, every boater can be sure that they are doing their part to keep themselves and others safe while enjoying their boating activity.

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