What species are targeted by longline fishing?

Longline fishing is a popular method of commercial fishing that involves setting up a long line of baited hooks and leaving it in the water for an extended period. While this method is popular, it has come under scrutiny for its impact on the environment, particularly the species that are targeted by the fishing technique. In this article, we shall take a closer look at what species are affected by longline fishing.


One of the most targeted species of longline fishing is tuna. Tuna is a highly-valued commodity in the fishing industry, and many fisheries worldwide use longlines to catch them. Longlining for tuna typically targets larger, commercially valuable species, such as the bluefin tuna.


Another species often targeted by longline fishing are sharks. The fishing technique is particularly popular among shark fishermen as it allows them to catch multiple sharks at once. However, longline fishing for sharks is highly controversial as many species of shark are badly affected by this technique and are at risk of becoming endangered.


Swordfish is also another species targeted by longline fishing. Swordfish is a type of billfish that can grow up to 14 feet long, making it an attractive target for longline fishermen. However, like tuna, swordfish are also highly valued commercially, and longline fishing for swordfish has become an industry in itself.


Mahi-mahi, also known as dolphinfish, is another popular species targeted by longline fishing. These fish are often found in tropical waters and are highly sought after by commercial fishermen due to their value in the restaurant industry. Mahi-mahi are also a popular game fish, making them popular among sports fishermen as well.


Marlin is a type of billfish that is also highly targeted by longlining. Often used for sport fishing, marlins are frequently sold to commercial fisheries, which makes them a prime target for longlining. However, like other billfish, marlins are often severely impacted by the technique, and their populations are at risk of depletion.

The species targeted by longline fishing vary depending on the location and target market of the fishing industry. However, some of the most popular targets include tuna, sharks, swordfish, Mahi-mahi, and marlin. While longline fishing remains a popular fishing technique, it is essential that efforts are made to protect the species targeted by this practice and ensure that sustainable fishing practices are put in place to safeguard the future of these species.

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