What type of boat was used in the movie Jaws?

When it comes to classic movies, Jaws definitely ranks high up on the list. This Steven Spielberg masterpiece had everyone on the edge of their seats in anticipation of the giant great white shark, hunting its prey from the depths of the sea, and consumed the screen with a sense of dread and awe. But amidst all the action, what type of boat was used for the chase?

The vessel that played a significant role in the movie is called “Orca,” named after the killer whale species, by the ship’s owner and captain, Quint, played by actor Robert Shaw. Quint, with his wealth of experience and knowledge of the sea, had a particular mission to capture the giant great white shark that was terrorising Amity Island. To do that, he needed a unique boat that could withstand the creature’s powerful bites and manoeuvre swiftly in the water.

The Orca was a classic fishing boat that measured 42 feet in length and weighed around 30 tonnes. It was a sturdy vessel with a wooden hull, originally built to catch fish like tuna and swordfish. However, in the movie, the boat was customised and modified with several essential features, such as a shark cage, a large barrel launcher, and a harpoon gun. These add-ons were crucial in the plotline as they helped the crew track, trap and injure the great white shark.

Throughout the movie’s climax, the Orca goes through several attacks from the predatory creature, which puts the crew and the boat in significant danger. Yet, the powerful engine and specialised equipment allowed the crew to stay on the hunt, enabling them to chase the shark down and ultimately defeat it.

The Orca was a perfect vessel for its intended mission in the Jaws movie. It was a sturdy boat that was equipped with the right tools and machines to hunt and catch the elusive great white shark. It was a tribute to the skill and experience of the ship’s owner and captain, Quint, who masterminded the entire campaign. The Orca’s contribution to the iconic film has made it one of the most recognised and respected boats in the history of cinema.

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