What type of fuel is suitable for a four-stroke outboard motor?

If you own an outboard boat, you have to think about what type of fuel is suitable for your engine. In this article, we will discuss what type of fuel is appropriate for a four-stroke outboard motor.

Four-stroke outboard motors are quite common, and they have revolutionized the boating world. They are more fuel-efficient, quieter, and have less pollution compared to the old two-stroke engines. The engines’ technology is different from two-stroke engines, and it has an internal combustion engine that requires the right type of fuel to operate efficiently.

The most common fuel for four-stroke outboard motors is gasoline, but you need to use the right octane fuel to keep your engine running smoothly. The recommended octane rating for most outboard motors is usually 87, but some motors may need higher octane ratings. Check your engine manual or manufacturer’s website for the recommended octane rating.

It is also essential to remember that you should use non-ethanol fuel, which is also known as pure gasoline. Ethanol is a biofuel that is blended with gasoline to reduce air pollution, but it can cause problems with the outboard motor. Ethanol absorbs moisture, which can cause corrosion, and it can also clog fuel system components. Using non-ethanol fuel will not only help the engine run smoother but also reduce the risk of damaged motor parts.

You can also use synthetic oil for lubrication purposes in your four-stroke outboard motor. Synthetic oils are not only more efficient but also help reduce the risk of engine wear and tear.

In summary, the suitable fuel for a four-stroke outboard motor is gasoline with an octane rating of either 87 or higher, depending on the manufacturer’s recommendations. You should also use non-ethanol fuel that reduces the risk of engine damage and allows it to operate smoothly. With proper fuel and oil usage, your outboard motor will run efficiently and serve you for a long time.

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