What was used to cross the ocean before boats and ships?

Boating has been an essential means of transportation for centuries, but have you ever wondered what people used to cross the ocean before the invention of boats and ships? It might seem unfathomable, but humans have been traveling across vast bodies of water long before there were any machines to help them do so.

One of the earliest methods of ocean travel was through the use of rafts. Rafts were typically made using natural materials such as logs, reeds, or bamboo tied together to form a floating platform. These primitive vessels were used by indigenous groups to travel between islands or across rivers and lakes. Rafts were also used by ancient civilizations such as the Egyptians and Greeks.

Another method of ocean travel used by early humans was through the use of canoes. Canoes were crafted from hollowed out tree trunks and were used by indigenous peoples to navigate through rivers and coastlines. These early canoes were much simpler than the canoes we use today, with no paddles or rudders. Instead, people relied on their own strength and the current of the water to propel them forward.

One of the most impressive prehistoric methods of ocean travel is undoubtedly the use of the “kon-tiki” raft. In 1947, Norwegian explorer Thor Heyerdahl constructed a replica of a traditional South American raft to navigate from Peru to Polynesia. The journey spanned over 4,000 miles and took 101 days to complete.

Finally, in ancient times, people relied on animals to help them cross the ocean. Elephants, camels, and horses were trained to swim alongside their human counterparts as they traveled through the water. Horses, in particular, were used by Spanish conquistadors to cross the Atlantic Ocean during their colonization of the New World.

It’s fascinating to think about how the human race has evolved in terms of transportation. From rafts to canoes to ships, we’ve come a long way from our primitive beginnings. But let’s not forget the impressive feats accomplished by those who crossed the ocean before us using little more than their own strength and wits.

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