Where are ships and boats repaired?

Ships and boats are incredible pieces of machinery that undergo a variety of wear and tear during their lifetime. Whether it’s from natural elements or collisions, damages need to be repaired to ensure the vessel is seaworthy. But?

Boatyards and marinas

Boatyards and marinas are the most common places where ships and boats are repaired. These facilities offer a range of services, including maintenance, upgrades, and repairs. The services provided in these places will depend on the yard’s capacity, size, and staff. Some boatyards specialize in specific services like painting and coating, while others offer complete overhauls.


Drydocks are facilities that lift boats and ships out of water for repair or maintenance. These facilities require a vessel’s complete removal from the water, which can take time and money. Drydocks are better suited for complicated repairs and major overhauls. Depending on the size of a vessel, a drydock can be customized to fit the ship or boat, making it ideal for a reliable fix.

Specialized shipyards

Specialized shipyards are often used to repair large commercial vessels, military vessels, or superyachts. These facilities were built to handle very large vessels, even those over 200 meters in length. Larger boats and ships typically require more maintenance, which specialized shipyards can provide. They’re also capable of providing specialized services like propulsion system installation, hull repair, and fabrications of larger-scale components.

Mobile repair services

In some cases, boats and ships may require minor repairs that can be done on-site. Small engine repairs and hull damages are good examples of repairs that can be done quickly while the vessel is moored. Mobile repair services exist to offer quick repairs on-site, no matter the location.

Offshore repair services

Large commercial vessels rely on specialized experts for repairs while at sea. These experts can travel to different countries to provide repairs while ships and boats stay out at sea. These services can be costly, but they’re necessary for commercial vessels to stay financially viable.

There are many places ships and boats can be repaired. The type of repair needed and the size of the vessel impact where the repair can be made. While boatyards and marinas are most commonly the go-to sites for repairs, they’re not always capable of handling larger vessels. Specialized shipyards, drydocks, mobile repair services, and offshore repair services are also options for vessel repairs.

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