Where is the model number located on a fishing reel?

If you are an avid angler who frequently goes fishing, having a reliable and efficient fishing reel is essential. However, it’s not uncommon for fishermen to misplace their reel manuals or forget the model number of their reel. Thankfully, finding the model number on a fishing reel is not an impossible task.

Firstly, it’s important to note that fishing reels come in various shapes, sizes, and types. Therefore, the location of the model number may vary. However, there are several common places where manufacturers place the model number on the fishing reel:

1. Owner’s manual

The owner’s manual is likely provided by the manufacturer of the fishing reel along with the product. The model number is often indicated on the front or the back cover of the manual.

2. Side Plate of the Fishing Reel

For spinning reels, the side plate is a common place to find the model number. You’ll need to remove the side plate by turning the handle counterclockwise, then you should see the model number printed on the inside plate.

3. Handle

The reel handle is another area that might contain the model number, especially on spinning reels. Look near the base of the handle for a series of numbers or letters.

4. Foot of the Reel

The foot of the reel is found at the base of the reel on the rod. Sometimes, the manufacturers stamp or engrave the reel information on the foot. A magnifying glass may come in handy during this search, as some manufacturers make the model number very small.

5. Packaging

Manufacturers sometimes print the product’s model number on the packaging – this is often the case with fishing reels. Be sure to keep the packaging handy in case you need to reference this information in the future.

In summary, finding a model number of a fishing reel can be quite easy if you know where to look. Checking each of the above places should not take much time, and will prevent a lot of frustration that comes with calling the manufacturer or scouring the internet to find the information. By having the model number on hand, anglers can easily purchase parts, upgrade their reels or make warranty claims.

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