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Which ear do sailors traditionally pierce?

As a sailor, you may have noticed that some of your fellow boaters are sporting ear piercings. But did you ever wonder why they choose to pierce a specific ear? In the past, there was a traditional ear piercing custom among seafarers.

It was a belief that sailors would pierce their left ear to show that they had sailed across the equator and had crossed the Tropic of Capricorn. It was seen as a symbol of their bravery and skill in navigating the open sea. This was also seen in the navy, where those who served their time in crossing the equator would receive a unique blue and gold earring to indicate their achievement.

In addition, piercing the left ear was also considered to provide some practical benefits for sailors. It was believed to improve their vision and hearing while on board of the ship as the left side of the body faces outwards towards the open sea.

However, as times have changed, this tradition has become less common and less significant. Nowadays, sailors pierce their ears for personal preferences, such as aesthetics or cultural significance. For example, some may pierce their right ear to indicate their sexual orientation or affiliation with a particular subculture.

While there was a traditional belief that sailors should pierce their left ear, it is no longer a common practice. Sailors and boaters today are free to pierce either ear, or both, based on their personal preference or cultural background. Whether it’s for practical or aesthetic reasons, it’s always important to prioritize safety and cleanliness when getting an ear piercing to ensure happy and healthy boating adventures.

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