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    Which lights should be illuminated on a boat during nighttime?

    Boating enthusiasts around the world know that proper lighting is key to keeping safe at night. When the sun goes down, many dangers can arise, such as low visibility, potential collisions with other watercraft, and difficulty navigating. To keep yourself and others safe, it’s crucial to be aware of which lights should be illuminated on your boat during nighttime.

    Firstly, if your boat is under power, it is required by law to display a white masthead light. This light should be visible from all directions and should be mounted at the highest point of the boat (usually the bow or foredeck). This light is essential for other boaters or ships to see you when approaching in the dark.

    Secondly, if you’re moving forward, you’ll need to display green navigation lights on the starboard (right) side of the boat. These lights should be visible to all other boats and should be mounted at a height that best ensures visibility. These lights help other boats to see your direction of travel, specifically that you are headed to their port (left) side.

    Finally, if you are moving backward or astern, you should display a red navigation light on the port (left) side. This setup, along with the green light, lets other boaters and ships understand you are backing up or slowing down.

    Apart from these light sets, you can also choose to use additional lighting such as deck, overhead, or spotlights. While they are not required by law, these can increase the visibility of your boat and allow you to see your surroundings better.

    It is also important to ensure that all your lights are in good working condition before heading out. Regularly check your bulbs, wiring, and switches so that they’re functioning well. It’s a good idea to carry spare bulbs onboard just in case one goes out.

    Before embarking at night, make sure that you’ve adequately illuminated your boat based on the above guidelines. Being visible on the water is vital in keeping yourself, your crew, and other boaters safe. Good visibility can prevent a collision that could have been avoided by showing your navigation lights. The safety of all on the water should always be top of mind, and proper lighting is a significant safety factor.

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