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Who purchased Chris-Craft Boats?

In 2018, Winnebago Industries Inc., a recreational vehicle manufacturer, purchased Chris-Craft Boats, the iconic American boat company.

Founded in 1874 by Christopher Columbus Smith in Algonac, Michigan, Chris-Craft Boats quickly became known for their beautiful wooden boats that were popular with wealthy Americans. The company was sold several times over the years and produced boats for both World Wars.

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The purchase by Winnebago Industries was a strategic move to expand their business into the marine market. Chris-Craft Boats was a great fit for the company as both had a shared passion for quality and craftsmanship.

Chris-Craft Boats is still headquartered in Sarasota, Florida, and continues to produce high-end motor yachts, sport boats, and cruisers that embody the classic Chris-Craft design. The boats are still handcrafted with the utmost attention to detail and continue to be a status symbol for boating enthusiasts.

The acquisition by Winnebago Industries has helped propel Chris-Craft Boats to the forefront of the industry with updated technology and innovative designs. The two companies share similar values and a commitment to providing their customers with exceptional experiences.

The purchase of Chris-Craft Boats by Winnebago Industries has allowed the classic American boat company to continue to thrive and produce the beautiful, high-quality vessels that they are known for. With a new parent company that shares their passion for excellence, Chris-Craft Boats is poised for continued success in the boating industry.

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