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Why do canal boats pass on the right?

Canal boating is a favorite pastime for many water lovers. But for those new to the world of canals, it can be confusing as to why canal boats pass on the right. Here’s why.

Canal regulations dictate that all canal boats should pass on the right-hand side. This is because the majority of boats have their steering positions on the right-hand side. So, in order to ensure a clear line of sight when passing, boats should pass on the right, allowing the driver of the vessel to easily see the boats coming in the opposite direction.

Additionally, passing on the right is one of the fundamental rules of the water, ensuring clarity and safety for all boats. This is known as the basic rule system, or collision regulations, and boats must follow this rule to avoid accidents and ensure that every boat can clearly see each other on the canal.

Furthermore, all canal boats have different sizes and speeds, and passing on the right-hand side helps to keep boats moving in a specific direction, avoiding confusion and reducing the risk of significant accidents. By sticking to the basic rule of passing on the right, canal boat drivers can establish a reliable method of canal navigation that benefits both boaters and pedestrians.

In summary, canal boats pass on the right to ensure a clear line of sight, maintain water safety, and establish an established system to minimize accidents. By adhering to the basic rules, canal boating can be a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone. So, remember to keep to the right on the canal to ensure your safety and the safety of others. Happy boating!

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