Why do rescue boats and lifeboats not have sidelights?

Rescue boats and lifeboats are vital to ensuring the safety of individuals on the waterways. Their importance cannot be overemphasized as they are responsible for rescuing people from distress or danger. However, if you have been keen enough, you may have noticed that these boats lack sidelights.

The absence of sidelights on rescue boats and lifeboats is not an oversight, but rather a deliberate decision by manufacturers to ensure the safe operation of these boats. Sidelights are usually used to mark the sides of vessels during navigation, but they can be problematic for rescue boats.

When rescue boats and lifeboats are called into action, they are often required to move at high speeds and navigate through crowds of boats and people in distress. During such scenarios, sidelights can be confusing and potentially hazardous to other vessels on the water. The sidelights may be mistaken for navigation lights, leading to a collision or other accidents.

Instead of sidelights, rescue boats and lifeboats are equipped with flashing lights, which are much easier to spot and are more effective in signaling an emergency. They are usually higher up and visible from far away, thus ensuring that the rescue vessel is seen from a distance by other vessels, even in crowded waterways.

It is important to note that rescue boats and lifeboats still require navigation lights when operating at low speeds, just like any other vessel. However, during rescue operations, the flashing lights ensure that they are easily identifiable to other boats on the water, even at high speeds.

In summary, rescue boats and lifeboats do not have sidelights to avoid confusion and potential hazards during emergency situations. The flashing lights used by these boats are more effective in signaling an emergency and alerting other vessels to their presence, ensuring the safety of everyone involved. It is therefore essential for every boat operator to be aware of the dangers of sidelights during rescue operations and the importance of flashing lights.

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