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Why do some boats and ships have tires hanging from the sides?

If you have ever been near the water, you may have noticed some boats and ships have tires hanging from the sides. For many people, this seems like a bizarre and pointless addition to any watercraft. However, there’s actually a lot of practical reasons behind why boats have tires hanging from the sides.

The primary purpose behind having tires hanging from the sides of a boat or ship is to protect it from damage. When mooring, boats are often secured to a dock or pier with a rope. The tire acts as a buffer between the boat body and the dock, preventing collision or scratches. Additionally, the tire’s traction helps prevent the boat from rubbing against the pier, which can cause damage to both the boat and the dock.

The tires provide extra buoyancy to the vessel by displacing extra water, ensuring its stability on rougher waters. On bigger boats, tires add mass and that can help absorb the stress generated in heavy seas or rough waters.

Tires also help to insulate the hull from vibrations or sounds that can come from the water. These vibrations can be unpleasant to anyone on board, tires reduce the tension between the hull and the water, making the boat ride smoother and calmer.

Furthermore, tires are easy to install and replace. It’s a simple fix to remove the worn, rubbed or chipped tire and hang a new one, when required.

There is no standard size of tire for hanging on a boat. The size and type of tire used may depend on the size of the boat, and the roughness of the water it will be navigating on. Some boats have large, wide tires, while others may have smaller, slimmer tires.

Tires hanging from the sides of boats serve a practical purpose in enhancing the functionality and durability of the watercrafts. It protects the boat body from damages, adds buoyancy, provides insulation from sound and vibration, and is an easy and inexpensive fix when the time comes to replace them. So while they may seem like an odd detail, these tires have real value when it comes to the safe operation of boats and ships on the water.

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