Why do yacht charters inquire about shoe size in crew lists?

When you think about renting a yacht, deciding on a captain and crew might be a more straightforward task than you expected, but have you ever wondered why the yacht charter inquires about the shoe size of each member of your crew? It’s a seemingly mundane detail that could very well go unnoticed, but it’s not something to be ignored. Here are some reasons why yacht charters inquire about shoe size in crew lists.

Maintain hygiene and cleanliness

One primary reason boating shoes are mandatory on a yacht is to promote cleanliness and hygiene. The soles of footwear are notorious for carrying bacteria that can quickly spread throughout the yacht’s interior. Since the spaces on yachts are relatively small, contaminants can easily spread throughout the entire cabin, leading to a potential outbreak of illness. Yacht charters require all crew members to bring boat shoes for their personal hygiene and cleanliness, which will also ensure the yacht is spotless for the next customers.

Prevent accidental damage

When you’re on a yacht, it’s essential to protect the wooden floors from accidental damage caused by hard-soled shoes like sneakers or flip-flops. A scraped or scratched floor would not only give an unattractive appearance to the yacht but also create an environment prone to injury. Thus, yacht charters inquire about the size of boat shoes to prevent accidental damages on the yacht’s interior, which will save maintenance costs and avoid a drawback for future customers.

Promote safety

Safety is a top priority for any vessel, and yachts are no exception. Wearing boating shoes on a yacht is mandatory to promote safety while onboard. Imagine an emergency situation like unforeseeable bad weather, and some crew members onboard are wearing shoes that are not suitable for the slippery surface of the yacht. It would lead to a dangerous scenario. Fortunately, by requiring boat shoes that can grip the wet, slippery yacht interiors, yacht charters promote safety and prevent accidents.

Be aware that not all yacht charters might inquire about the shoe size of their crew, but most well-managed yacht charters prioritize hygiene, cleanliness, and safety above anything else. As a general rule, it’s always a good idea to ask your charter company about their preferred footwear for crew members before renting a yacht. Remember, boating shoes are an essential part of crew etiquette, and disregarding this critical point could lead to a less enjoyable sailing experience.

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