Why do yachts have two helms?

Yachts are the epitome of luxury, style, and comfort. They are a perfect blend of functionality and beauty, thus giving the owner of the yacht an incredible experience of sailing. One of the distinct features of a yacht is its two helms, which are located on either side of the vessel. The double helm setup may seem to be an inconvenience at first, but they serve many purposes that are essential to successful sailing.

The primary reason for having two helms on a yacht is safety. When at sea, the captain’s ability to navigate the vessel is vital, especially during inclement weather conditions. By having two helms available, the crew can position themselves on the helm that is safest at any given time. For example, if one helm is exposed to strong winds or waves, the captain can use the other helm to keep the vessel safe and stable. Additionally, during long voyages, having two helms ensures that should one of the helms fail, there is a backup available.

The second reason yachts have two helms is for better positioning. Yachts are designed to be sleek and stylish, but they can also be bulky and cumbersome. Maneuvering them in crowded ports or congested waterways can be challenging, and this is where the two helm setup comes into play. The helm position on either side of the yacht allows the captain a better view of the surroundings, making it easier to steer the yacht when navigating through tight spots.

Another essential function of having two helms is for navigation. Yachts are commonly used for offshore cruising, requiring the captain to be at the helm for long periods. The fatigue associated with such long voyages can take a toll on a captain, and that is why having two helms is beneficial. The captain can switch between helms, allowing them to take breaks and rest their bodies while still ensuring the yacht is on course.

Lastly, two helms make sailing more comfortable for the passengers. By positioning the helm on either side of the vessel, the captain can route the yacht to minimize the impact of waves on the passengers. This feature is especially important in rough seas, where the waves could cause seasickness and discomfort to those onboard. The helm stationed on the side of the boat with the least turbulence helps to make the voyage smoother and more comfortable for everyone on board.

The reason why yachts have two helms is to ensure safety, better positioning, navigation, and passenger comfort. The double helm setup is a practical and sophisticated feature that provides yacht owners with an incredible experience while sailing. Should you ever find yourself considering a luxury yacht, remember that the two helm feature is an essential consideration that will enhance your sailing experience.

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