Banzai Pipeline Ehukai Beach Park Live Cam – Oahu, HI USA

Banzai Pipeline – Ehukai Beach Park

The Banzai Pipeline, also known as the Pipeline or simply Pipe, is a surf spot located on the North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii. The wave is known for its powerful and hollow tube-shaped waves, which can reach heights of up to 20 feet (6 meters) during the winter months. Because of the wave’s power and the shallow reef on which it breaks, the Banzai Pipeline is considered one of the most dangerous waves in the world and is only recommended for experienced surfers.

The Banzai Pipeline is a popular spot for professional surfers, and the Pipeline Masters, a professional surfing competition, is held there every year. The event is considered one of the most prestigious and important events on the World Surf League tour.

The Pipeline is also a popular spot for surfers of all skill levels during the summer months when the waves are smaller, and a beach break forms. Visitors can watch the surfers from the beach or from the nearby lookout point.

The Banzai Pipeline is also known as a place of pilgrimage for surfers from around the world and is considered a “must-visit” destination for surfers.

Oahu, Hawaii

The North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii is a stretch of coastline located on the north side of the island of Oahu. It is known for its beautiful beaches, large waves, and world-renowned surf spots. The North Shore is a popular destination for surfers, tourists, and locals alike.

Some popular things to do on the North Shore of Oahu include:

  • Surfing: The North Shore is home to some of the most famous surf spots in the world, including Waimea Bay, Sunset Beach, and the Banzai Pipeline.
  • Hiking: Take a hike through the lush green valleys and mountains that surround the North Shore.
  • Snorkeling and Diving: Explore the vibrant coral reefs and marine life that can be found off the North Shore’s beaches.
  • Shopping: Visit the small shops and boutiques that line the streets of the North Shore’s towns and villages.
  • Food and Drinks: Try local specialties such as poke bowls and shaved ice, and sample the craft beers and cocktails at the many bars and restaurants.
  • Beaches: The North Shore is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, such as Waimea Bay, Sunset Beach, and Shark’s Cove.
  • Turtle Beach: Visit the famous Turtle Beach, where you can see the endangered sea turtles up close.
  • Polynesian Cultural Center: Learn about the history and culture of Hawaii and other Polynesian islands at this popular tourist attraction.
  • Watch the Sunset: Take a walk on the beach and watch the beautiful sunset over the ocean.
  • Movie and TV Show Locations: Visit the locations where famous movies and TV shows such as Jurassic Park and Lost have been filmed.

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