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Model Boat Dating Back More Than 100 Years Rediscovered at Arlington Court

It's funny what you can sometimes find, lurking in a darkened corner, caked in a layer of dust. Such was the case at Arlington Court when they discovered a model ship hiding at the back of a storeroom during conservation work.

Delray Beach Artist Building Studio/Gallery -- On Barge off Peanut Island

Something curious is rising out of the Intracoastal waters off Palm Beach County's Peanut Island.

Driverless Search-and-Rescue Boat Can Think for Itself in Crises

There's no shortage of online chatter about driverless cars, but on the other side of the world a team of young roboticists have been working hard on the world's first driverless search-and-rescue boat. Originating from Queensland University of Technology (QUT), the team are designing vessels that can search for oil slicks, track down missing debris, and rescue anyone whos gone overboard.

Building a Lifelong Dream

It was a sunny day in Brooklyn, New York, in the year 1947. A boy of six years old was going to visit his grandfather and grandmother. His grandfather's name was Frank J. Bert, the same as the boy's. Whenever he would visit his grandfather's home this boy would always explore the house in great detail, but his favorite thing in the house was a 6-foot-long model sailboat that his grandfather had built.

Belle Getting Shipshape for Anniversary

Nearly every moment that the Belle of Louisville isn't sailing, its crew is devoting full effort to prepping the Historic National Landmark and iconic symbol of Louisville for a planned celebration of the 100th anniversary of its launching.

Ripley's Wooden Ferrari Looks Like a Car, Rides Like a Boat

One of the world's strangest boats just made a big splash in San Diego: A replica of a Ferrari F50 made completely out of pine.

Where's the Boat? Check Out the Transparent Kayak

You've heard of glass-bottomed boats. Now make way for the glass-bottomed kayak.

MH370 Deep-Sea Hunt Resumes With Boat Heading to Crash Zone

The first boat being used in a resumed deep-sea search for Malaysian Airline System Bhd. (MAS) flight 370 has embarked for the southern Indian Ocean, as investigators said three zones would be a priority.

Canoe Believe It? Grans Take on a 60-Mile Paddle!

Two determined grandmothers have set themselves "a crazy challenge" -- to paddle a canoe along a canal for 60 miles.

Nuts About Boats

Paul Lagier and his late father Fred have had a lifelong passion for building boats in their back yards -- 44 of them -- with the latest about to be towed out of his almond orchard en route to the docks at the Port in Stockton.

If You Miss the Ice Cream Boat Already, It'll Be Back Next Year

Summers at Smith Mountain Lake just wouldn't be the same without sunny days, great memories and The Ice Cream Boat. Travis Burke has run the business since he and his brother Ryan launched it in the summer of 2001 when they were ages 15 and 11, respectively.

Oversized Alien-Like 'Shrimp' Caught Off Florida

It's not every day that an ordinary fishing trip turns into an encounter with an oversized alien-like sea creature, but that's what happened recently to one Florida fisherman.

15-Page “Boater’s Guide To Winterizing” Offered by BoatUS

ALEXANDRIA, Va., September 10, 2014 -- Water expands in volume by about nine percent when it freezes, creating a staggering force that can crack a boat engine block, damage fiberglass, split hoses, or destroy a boats refrigeration system overnight. As fall approaches, Boat Owners Association of The United States (BoatUS) recently dug deep into its insurance claims files, unearthing a trove of winterizing-related boat insurance claims and found that more than three-quarters involved cracks in the engine block or the exhaust manifolds. Now, the national boating services, safety and advocacy group is making available at no-cost the 15-page "Boater's Guide to Winterizing" that can make the task easier for any type of boat.

School Caretaker Builds a 25-Foot Pirate Ship in His Back Garden

A 47-year-old caretaker obsessed throwing extravagant parties has just become the coolest kid in school -- by building a giant pirate ship in his back garden.

Brothers Behind Hultcraft Boats Say Goodbye to Boat Building

For Don and Harlan Hult, carpentry is in their blood. So back around 1950 when Lewis and Clark lake was being created, Don and Harlan decided to break in to the boat building business. And early on, it was anchors away.