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Kind Kayak Donation Keeps Teacher Paddling

A two-seater kayak has allowed a group of friends at Tannum Sands to continue its tradition of kayaking together every Sunday morning.

Mile 533 Finishes Nina Replica Ship Repairs, Returns Her to Corpus Christi Bay

Nina, the Columbus replica ship, has returned home to Corpus Christi Bay after spending eight weeks at Mile 533 Marine Ways in Aransas Pass. Nina received a new "bottom job" after hull repair was completed.

The First Wooden Crab Boat Built in Norfolk for 25 Years Makes its Debut Sailing

The first wooden crab boat to be built in Norfolk for a quarter of a century made her maiden voyage today. 'Auk' was launched from Morston Quay by boatbuilder, David Hewitt and his apprentice, 17-year-old Tom Gathercole. They'd spent nearly 1500 hours constructing the vessel at the Stiffkey boatyard for local fishing enthusiast, Henry Faire.

Local Group Floats an Entertaining Idea

A group of six local residents hopes to purchase a historic showboat and bring it to Madison.

Venice Captain Boats 225-Pound Yellowfin Tuna, Louisiana's Ninth-Largest Ever

Every angler has a list of spots or areas that are regular producers and get checked on most trips. But it's never a bad idea to keep your eyes peeled when heading to and from those spots.

Chatham Readies for Filming of Dramatic 1952 Pendleton Rescue

CHATHAM, Mass. -- Over 60 years ago, what is known as the greatest small-boat rescue in Coast Guard history occurred off the shore of this seaside town, when waves from a severe nor'easter snapped a 503-foot tanker in two.

Dallas Man Nearing End of 4,000-Mile Canoe Trip

Days into his months-long canoe trip down the spine of America, Keith Lynch's boat capsized.

NC Man Plans South Pacific Trip to Provide Care

CAROLINA BEACH, N.C. -- Have you ever dreamed about selling everything you own and sailing off to the far ends of the earth?

Rower Prepares to Cross the Atlantic in Futuristic Boat

Like many fathers with young children, experienced rower Andras Bakos is concerned about what sort of shape the environment will be in by the time his son grows up. That's why in 2011, he began planning a trans-Atlantic rowing expedition to raise awareness of environmental issues. The boat that he had custom-built for the trip is now ready to go, and it looks like it could just as well be used for rowing to Mars.

Kevin Vasereno Still Living the Dream Aboard His Charter Fishing Boat in Westport

At age 12, Kevin Vasereno first started working as a deck hand on a charter fishing boat in Westport.

Volvo Ocean Race: A Test of Skills, Not Boats

Long before Charlie Enright found a way to convince a Norwegian race director and a Turkish businessman that he deserved their faith and, above all, money, he was an elementary school student in East Providence, R.I.

Northern Michigan Fishing Guide Builds Big Boats for Small Rivers

INDIAN RIVER, MI -- While enjoying breakfast at a north woods restaurant just after dawn, Phil Croff noticed some men in the parking lot ogling his boat. They got out of their truck and made a bee-line to his wooden drift boat and trailer.

Toyota Built a $275,000 Boat and We Kind of Love It

The Toyota Ponam-31 is the first entry into a "new class" of boats the company is calling "Sports Utility Cruisers." Looks like a regular-old power cruiser to me, but that said, it is a rather handsome vessel with a lot of cool tech.

Vets Prepare to Take Canoe Trip Down Suwanee

A group of aging military veterans, who set out over the years on several long distance river canoe trips in Florida, are launching a new adventure they call "The Last Paddle."

Upstate Native Fishing for USA From Kayak

Imagine yourself competing in a tournament to catch a fish you had never caught before. Now imagine the fishing tournament was being held in a country in which you had never set foot. Then imagine you had to fish from a kayak.