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Correct Craft Enters Bass and Walleye Fishing Markets—Acquires Bass Cat and Yar-Craft

ORLANDO, FL (March 24, 2015) -- Today Correct Craft announced it is entering the bass and walleye fishing markets with the acquisition of both Bass Cat and Yar-Craft.

Elizabeth Forward Senior Builds His Own Canoe in School's Lab

Elizabeth Forward High School senior Tyler Wachs considers himself an outdoorsman.

WCU Students to Construct Boat From Recyclables for Fundraiser

Five Western Carolina University students are putting on their thinking caps to create a boat made entirely of plastic bottles.

The Hum

It was built in the late 1800s and once carried Ulysses S. Grant. It sailed under the name Truant and Pilgrim before being brought to East Jordan in 1900 and renamed the Hum. Why the Hum? Well, that's been lost to history. But it was a working boat when it arrived on Lake Charlevoix.

Building Canoe Teaches Woodworking Skills and More

It's a class where students work with their hands and tools and computers and have something to show for their efforts at the end of the semester.

Paddle Math: Students Put Math in Motion

TRAVERSE CITY, Mich. -- Gavan Wassell leaned over 4 feet of pure math when he groaned across the skeletal ribs of a giant stand-up paddle board to trace an outline on some plywood.

Palmerston North Teenager's Dreams of Powerboat Glory

At the back of Mason Dunlop's Palmerston North house is a big shed and what's in it is his pride and joy. A boat called Jenny.

Poland Invented Tug-of-War in a Boat

If you thought getting a rowed boat to go anywhere without oars was difficult, wait until you see what this boatload of folks does with oars.

Ann Baldree Chaparral and Robalo Vice President of Sales Awarded Manufacturing Institute STEP Award

In a prestigious ceremony on March 26 on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C., Chaparral and Robalo vice president of sales Ann Baldree was recognized by the Manufacturing Institute with a STEP award honoring women who've demonstrated excellence in the manufacturing industry.

BoatUS: 2015 List of Top Ten Boat Names

ALEXANDRIA, Va., March 30, 2015 -- Big and small, power or sail, there are many different kinds of boats and so many different kinds of boat owners. But the one thing they seem to agree on is how boating makes them feel, at least if you're looking at a boat's name on the transom. "Serenity" has been named the #1 boat name for the second year in a row with the release of the 2015 list of Top Ten Boat Names from Boat Owners Association of The United States (BoatUS). It is also the name's 10th appearance on the popular list of boat names issued annually since 1992 by the recreational boat advocacy, service and safety group. "Calm, peaceful and untroubled is what boating is all about for so many boaters," said BoatUS spokesman Scott Croft.

WSIA Becomes Advocacy Partner Of Boating United

Orlando, FLORIDA (March 30, 2015) -- Today, the Water Sports Industry Association (WSIA) announced its status as an Advocacy Partner of Boating United, a national community of boating businesses, enthusiasts and supporters. Boating United helps shape government policy that affects the boating industry and related activities. Through this partnership, the WSIA can assist with towed watersports initiatives, benefitting from the power and great resources of the Boating United organization.

Canoe Casanova

Ken Kelly is a Grand Rapids, Michigan wine dealer and Canoe Casanova, who has the world's largest and finest collection of magnificent wooden courting canoes.

Buy a Lifeboat to Help Military Families

"Life is a shipwreck, but we must not forget to sing in the lifeboats."

Boat Lovers Race Around Hull on a Snowy Snow Row

HULL, Mass. -- With his beard turned even whiter by snow, Ed McCabe of Hull barely had time to catch his breath between orders and wisecracks Saturday.

German Village Where the Post is Still Delivered by Boat Through a Network of Canals

With our ever-advancing technology, snail mail post may soon be a thing of the past altogether.