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Europe to Florida in a Kayak: Another Bucket List Check

Olek Doba's slow, lonely kayak journey across the Atlantic Ocean is nearing an end this week.

Velodyne Builds Boats That Tame Waves, and Seasickness

Dave Hall wanted to get into boating because both his father and grandfather were avid boaters, but unfortunately he is prone to seasickness.

Fraternity Rebuilds Burned Medieval Boat

History senior Alan Wolfe spent his entire spring break handcrafting a medieval-style wooden boat. Hoping to start a Viking and Nordic culture club, Wolfe bought most of the materials himself and sawed, nailed, float-tested and mounted a flag on top of his prized vessel.

Couchton Man Building Boat Without Using Drawn Plans

COUCHTON, SC -- Bill Ritger is a can-do kind of guy who enjoys do-it-yourself projects.

Boating Season Begins With More Open Than Expected

SANTA CLARA, Calif. The South Bay's Boating season officially opens on April 15th. In normal years, Santa Clara County opens up five reservoirs for recreational use but the drought put a stop to those plans.

Webcam Lets You Watch Live Footage as it Roams the Sea Floor

Have you ever wanted to see what lies at the bottom of the sea?

Jamaica Beats Back Lionfish With Knife and Fork

While most reports of a precipitous decline in an animal population are met with dismay, ecologists are responding optimistically to news of decreased sightings of the lionfish in Jamaica.

Cecil Heisler is Master of His Craft

Cecil Heisler gingerly climbs the stairs to the second floor of his Indian Point, Lunenburg County, garage. Reaching the top, he points proudly at his project: a three-metre rowboat he designed. Constructed from New Brunswick cedar, and held firmly together with stainless-steel fastenings and epoxy glue, the small boat has served as a winter project for the past few years. Heisler places his hand on a section of the boat, near where he will soon install a gunwale. It's a sweetheart, and it rows effortlessly, he says of his design.

Apprentice Learns Art of Crafting Wooden Vessels From a Maritime Master

OSSINING, NY -- Two men with vastly different backgrounds but a common devotion to wooden boats stood in a riverfront workshop recently and discussed the signature smells of freshly cut planks of cypress and cedar.

Three Generations Honor Their Ancestor by Helping Restore PT Boat at Museum

Baton Rouge architect Clifford Grout never knew his grandfather, who died in a 1957 car accident 18 months before his birth. But almost every weekend at the National World War II Museum in New Orleans, grandson grows closer to grandfather.

Shipwreck From 1860 off Atlantic City to Become Historic Site

ATLANTIC CITY, NJ - In their last desperate moments, with winds howling and waves crashing around them, crew members rushed below decks and frantically pushed blankets and bedding into the leaking hull.

Top 5 Most Overlooked Prelaunch Maintenance Issues

Getting ready to head to the lake? Before you head to the water, don't forget these five check points to get your boat ready for the season.

Message in Bottle Arrives After 101 Years

A message in a bottle tossed in the sea in Germany 101 years ago and believed to be the world's oldest has been presented to the sender's granddaughter, a museum said on Monday.

Cal Poly Students Take Concrete Canoe Competition

They are two words you don't often think of using together: concrete and floating devices of any kind. But Cal Poly students once again showed they have the engineering skills to build a concrete canoe that's more than worthy of making waves on in the water racing world.

Mylor's Disabled Sailing School Opens in May

A sailing school owner has taken the first steps on a long road to develop one of Cornwall's first specialist facilities to teach disabled people.