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ICAST Winning Streak Continues With Fourth Consecutive Win

Orlando, Fl. (July 16, 2013) -- ICAST 2014 marks the fourth consecutive win for Humminbird, no small feat considering the wealth and breadth of exciting new products in the show's Electronics category.

To the Northwest Passage

"About 303,000 people have climbed Everest, but there's literally, on yachts, a couple of dozen to sail the Northwest Passage," said Phil Morgan, over coffee in the cabin of Novara.

They're on a Boat!

As the early-evening sun blazed, the old Navy boat gently pushed into the East River and the 32 passengers were mindfully served cocktails, wine in tumblers and beer in cans. Life aboard the Revolution eased to two knots.

Century Old Manor Boat Gets New Life

Tucked amid stately yachts and towering cruisers anchored in Dering Harbor, is a wooden 12.5-foot dinghy named Little Kittie discreetly rocking back and forth. Unremarkable at first glance, this boat, which is now fully operational, was built in 1914 and has been restored by the Sylvester Manor Educational Farm in celebration of the craft's centennial year.

In Cortez, Bringing Wooden Boats Back

CORTEZ, Fla. -- There is a bronze nail poking through a mahogany plank on a weathered boat in Cortez. Its placement is either irrelevant or revealing -- it all depends on who's looking.

Winnipesaukee's Mail Boat is Part Floating Post Office, Part Time Machine

Someone in your family probably remembers a time when receiving a letter was unusual. The message was typically handwritten and personal, and it told you that someone in another part of the world thought enough about you to sit down, organize their thoughts and craft a message, just for you.

Scotty's Boat Landing Owner Patrols Water, Saves Hundreds

John Scott can't remember all the names or even the faces of the hundreds of people he has rescued.

Hybrid Boat Developed in Apex Relies on Natural Gas for Fuel

APEX, N.C. -- Local engineers have created the first natural gas boat that they say is more environmentally friendly and less costly to drive.

House Appropriations Adopt E15 Amendment

Last week during the House of Representative's Committee on Appropriation's Interior and Environment markup, which directs Fiscal Year 2015 funding for the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), an important amendment affecting the sale of E15 was unanimously adopted and will now be considered by the full House. NMMA's Washington office was heavily involved in passing the amendment, which will require the EPA to do more comprehensive E15 public education outreach on the dangers of E15 to non-approved engines, like boats, motorcycles and lawn equipment.

Shark Chokes on Sea Lion

A great white shark that washed ashore on an Australian beach was found to have a large Australian sea lion stuck in its throat.

Revolver 44GT Brings the Spirit of a GT Car to the Open Water

Boats posing as sporty, four-wheeled coupes and roadsters is a theme we've been seeing all year in designs like the Frauscher 858 Fantom and Reversys Boat. As its name suggests, the Revolver 44GT aims at being a speedy but comfortable grand tourer of the seas. Its sports car-inspired design and seamless convertible hard-top make it the most sports car-like boat we've seen.

Captain Ahab's Revenge: Brewing Beer From an Ancient Whale Bone

What happens when an amateur paleontologist with a love for beer teams up with a microbiologist? Bone beer, or beer made from yeast scraped from a 35-million-year-old whale fossil, to be precise.

Over the Top: Fierce Acrobatics of Wakeboarding

The boat has a price tag bigger than most houses. It's handmade, computerized and powered by a 550-horse Corvette engine that launches the 25-foot hull, loaded with 3,000 pounds of ballast, from a dead stop to the ideal, preprogrammed speed in just a few seconds. That's one of the perks enjoyed by Ricky Krieger, a professional wakeboarder who honed his flying feats of derring-do growing up on the shores of Long Lake.

Passion for Antique Canoe has its Perks

Many teen boys use their cars as chick magnets. For River Grace, an old canoe has served the purpose.

Ship Shape in Bristol Fashion as the Young Bristol Shipwrights Get the Midas Touch

Volunteers from a local building firm joined forces with the Young Bristol Shipwrights to build cardboard models of Bristol's flagship boats for the annual Bristol Harbour Festival this weekend.