Centurion Enzo FX-22

Author: Alan Jones

Since 1996, Centurion has been building wakesurf boats in Merced, Calif., with bows as pointy as a great white shark’s snout. For 2013, the Centurion folks chose a new predatory shape they are calling the Hammerhead Bow, which also channels the design essence of the Enzo Ferrari. This new design element on the Enzo FX-22 carries the beam all the way forward, to provide more room for passengers — aka, human ballast. Not that it needs much help adding weight.


One of the downsides to adding the mega-ballast needed for wakesurfing is that it takes so much time to fill and dump the giant tanks. Centurion has solved that riddle with its Quick Fill Pro Ballast System, which can add or subtract 1,000 pounds of launch liquid from twin hard tanks in 45 seconds. Add another 525 pounds per side (Pro Ballast System), 900 pounds in the bow and twin 714-pound Plug N Play bags to go with the boat’s 4,400 pounds, and you have the winner of this year’s battle of the ballast. To shape the wake, there’s an optional Lenco trim tab with Centurion’s Wing Plate, which is shaped like the hull for better performance. We carved up a huge, well-formed surfing wake on either side and produced a monstrous yet clean wakeboard-jumping wake.


Although the Wing Plate didn’t improve the FX-22’s time to plane of 3.1 seconds appreciably, it reduced the bowrise considerably. Even with the standard PCM 343 hp engine, the time to 30 mph was a very respectable 5.1 seconds, thanks in part to the high-altitude prop we were running for some extra kick on the low end. The prop did knock down our top speed to 38.4 mph, but it helped get the most out of this engine for skiing activities. Not enough power? Centurion also offers a supercharged PCM 6.2L engine that provides 550 hp.


At the Ferrari-like helm station, there’s a standard Touch Vision Dash System that helps the driver manage the ballast-tank levels, save up to 10 rider preferences and operate the ZeroOff GPS cruise control. The Aegis tower comes with a large Bimini, and despite the four large coffee can speakers, it folds down with little effort. Wrap-around seating and bowrider seats give up to 14 guests a first-class seat, with a cupholder for each one.

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