Blobfish 'Wins' World's Ugliest Animal Contest

Author: Elizabeth Barber [Christian Science Monitor]

It has downturned, disappointed lips, like it was pulled unawares from a nap and made to pose for a photograph. Its nose is dropping and dribbling. So is its pinkish body, like a wad of oozing gelatin.

This is the blobfish, and it is the world’s ugliest animal, according to a contest put on by the British Ugly Animal Preservation Society, which aims to place nature’s less captivating animals into the limelight.

Most of the poster children for the world’s endangered species fall into two categories. One is the cute animal, like harp seals, the floppy mammals that seem to beg, “play with me,” with their happy, round eyes, or panda bears, which look eternally placid. Then there is the dangerous animal, the wild carnivore that panders to the Freudian id. That grouping includes the toothy shark and the enthralling tiger, predators that pull disappearing acts into the environments that are their kingdoms.

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