Technology is Inescapable — Even on a Fishing Boat

Author: Rob Phillips [Yakima Herald-Republic]

YAKIMA, Wash. — I am always amazed at the technology that finds its way into the fishing world. Used to be all you needed to catch a fish was a fishing pole, a reel, some line, a hook and maybe a few worms dug from the garden.

Today anglers spend thousands of dollars on their equipment. Now there are $400 fishing rods, $500 fishing reels and bass lures that can run $30 or more. Not to mention all of the other electronic gizmos — downriggers, depth finders, GPS systems, et al — you can put on your boat.

The other day I was trolling for steelhead down at Drano Lake when I heard a beep-beep-beep noise. It sounded like the alarm a big truck makes when it’s backing up, but it was faster in repetition. It caught my attention for sure, and I was nowhere near the source of the noise.

The next time I heard the beeping alarm I was fairly close to another boat that was trolling by. When the noise broke the silence the four guys in the boat all jumped up and starting reeling their lures in.

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