Feeling Hands-on

trolling-motor-alumacraftQuestionHow difficult is it to install and wire in a 36v trolling motor?

Corey Hopkins, Bloomington, Minn.


The wiring is the easy part. The hard part is 1) finding a place three deep-cycle batteries won’t affect your ride when placed together and 2) getting the battery cables from Point A (the troller) to Point B (the batteries). Before you even buy a trolling motor, take something such as an old remote-control cable and try to run it from A to B. If you can’t make that route, bulkheads or supports are blocking you, so don’t buy the troller. If you can make the route, and you have assembled and installed the troller where you want it (having a friend with an extra pair of hands will be a big help in this process), read your directions regarding the cable size. Electronics have advanced greatly in these areas, so #4 cable may now replace having to use heavier #2. Whichever it is, use your old remote cable (above) to strap to a POS and a NEG cable to run from A to B.

OK, here’s how you get 36 volts: You wire in series. Wear safety goggles, remove rings, watches, etc!

In sequence:

  • Attach the NEG cable from the troller to NEG 1.
  • Attach a short cable from POS1 to NEG 2.
  • Attach a short cable from POS2 to NEG 3.
  • Attach the POS cable from the troller to POS3.

See if it works. If everything works, start humming the tune to James Brown’s “It’s a Man’s World.” You earned it. Stop humming it if your spouse is nearby.


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