Transom Troubles

I have to do a major repair to my boat’s Volvo Penta SX-M Transom Shield. I removed the engine, the transmission, the gimbal bearing housing, and all the bolts and nuts that hold the transom shield from the inner transom plate, but the shield seems to be stuck to the transom. Am I missing something to remove this shield? Friends tell me they usually are attached to the transom using 5200. If that is the case, how can I remove this? My shield has a hole that allows a lot of water to enter the bilge, and I need to correct this as soon as possible.

– Carlos Maldonao, Caguas, Puerto Rico

I believe your friends, but it would be prudent to contact the builder to make sure. If the boat was built by a private builder, I feel certain 5200 was used. Another thing you might do is call 3M and see what the folks there recommend for removal. All I’ve ever seen is boat builders scrap entire transoms when building errors are encountered. Wish I could put a smile on your face.

One thought on “Transom Troubles

  1. Hello and thanks for your quick response. I found the problem on the transom shield. The outer piece was practically welded to the inlet transom plate where the transmission shaft enters the engine that is where these two pieces are joined. It took us two weeks of persistence and patience with a little force pressure to separate these pieces. When finally the shield was removed, repairs went easy as I replaced both the shield and plate and I have my boat back in shape and on the water. I just wanted to let you know how the work was going and to thank you for your help and for the outstanding work of showing us the how to of our DIY projects, keep on boating.


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