Sea Tow Recognizes Franchise Captains That Saved Lives

For several Sea Tow Captains, going above and beyond is just part of the job

TAMPA, Fla. – Sea Tow Services International, Inc., America’s leading professional on-water assistance provider, honored several captains at the company’s annual Sea Tow Awards Banquet held on November 16th for going above and beyond the call of duty and saving lives during the last year. The event was a highlight of the organization’s 2017 Annual Meeting, which brought Sea Tow operators from across the country to the Embassy Suites Downtown Convention Center in Tampa from Nov. 14-16, 2017.

Sea Tow CEO Captain Joseph Frohnhoefer III, presented the following awards during the ceremony:

For Lifesaving Efforts:

  • Captain Chris Allen of Sea Tow Palm Beach for locating and rescuing six missing divers who had been separated from their 38’ Burpee dive boat three nautical miles east of Jupiter Inlet.
  • Captain Mike Dillon of Sea Tow Fort Myers for discovering and saving two men who were struggling to tread water without life jackets after their 17’ Boston Whaler had capsized near York Island.
  • Captains Tom Carter and Mike Dillon of Sea Tow Fort Myers for rescuing six family members from their capsized 17’ Larson after the vessel had been swamped by a passing yacht on the Caloosahatchee River.
  • Captains Cody Catapano, Zachary Willis and Raven Bolster of Sea Tow Crystal Coast for fighting rough seas to save three passengers whose 44’ sailboat had capsized and sank near Cape Lookout Shoals.
  • Captain Ryan Saporito of Sea Tow Wrightsville Beach for braving deteriorating conditions to save five passengers after their 22’ Sea Chaser was pushed into rocks, causing the vessel to capsize.
  • Captains Clay Hughes and Kendrick Schwartz of Sea Tow Ocean Isle for saving two small girls and their parents after their 24’ cabin cruiser had lost all power and capsized near Shallotte Inlet.

For Efforts Above and Beyond:

  • Captain Zachary Willis of Sea Tow Crystal Coast won two awards for twice locating and rescuing missing kayakers whose boats had capsized during a storm.
  • Captain Quincy Eagles of Sea Tow Fort Myers won two awards for saving a missing jet skier, as well as rescuing two men and a child aboard a sinking 23’ Hurricane in the Palaco Canal.
  • Captain Cody Catapano of Sea Tow Crystal Coast for locating and rescuing an injured man who had been knocked unconscious after hitting his head on a table when his 36’ Lohrs had run up on a shoal.
  • Captain Kendrick Schwartz of Sea Tow Ocean Isle for rescuing a woman off Bald Head Island who had gone overboard and was separated from her 40’ sailboat after being caught in the river’s current.
  • Captains Joe Fiedler and Todd Ingram of Sea Tow Panama City for locating and rescuing three fisherman whose boat had sunk outside St. Andrew’s Pass.
  • Captain Brian Wood of Sea Tow Santa Monica for braving gale-force winds and 6-8’ seas to locate and rescue three mariners whose 28’ tri-hull racing sailboat had overturned nine miles outside Marina Del Ray.

“We couldn’t be more proud of the response from our captains when lives are on the line,” Frohnhoefer said. “These awards are our way of showing how much we appreciate the way these captains have stepped up to go above and beyond the call of duty when boaters needed them most.”


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